Translated Resources

The KCVS community is an all encompassing, welcoming and inclusive one, we welcome people from all cultures, socioeconomic strata, gender, religion and race. A result of this means we welcome a healthy cohort of international students, some permanent some temporary, through our doors every year. With the aim of reaching as much of the KCVS community as possible in mind, Mr Fogarty has supplied a hugely beneficial Translated Resource. This resource will undoubtedly be of great value to, firstly our students, but perhaps more importantly to family members of our students, who may not have the same grasp of English to comprehend pivotal messages from the authorities that may be life-saving. The document can be found in the Support and Advice tab in the header menu at the top of the page. Thanks once again to Mr Fogarty for this invaluable resource.

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