Sixth Year Theatre Trip

This is a link to a YouTube clip of the trip 6th Years took part in it is available from 23/4/2020 at 2 pm

6th Year Higher Level English students went on a trip to Smock Alley Theatre in Dublin on the 6th November to see a performance of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”.

This performance was directed by international theatre director Joe Dowling. Students experienced a one and a half production of the play followed by a post- show workshop featuring a Q & A session with the cast about relationships, characters and themes. They also received a student workbook with information on general vision and viewpoint, the role of women in the play, exploration of the idea of death, symbols, an introduction to the main characters and theatrical information.

As well as this the company also provided a pre-show video which introduced them to the play. This featured interviews with the play’s director and the actor playing Hamlet, commentary on the cultural impact of Hamlet, the revenge genre and exploration of the idea of a tragic hero.

This was a wonderful experience which was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance. The students gained a huge amount from the overall experience and no doubt it will stand to them when they sit their Leaving Cert exam in June next year.

This group will also attend the play “The Playboy of the Western World” later this month.

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