Science Week at KCVS

Science Week in Kilkenny City Vocational School 2018

Science week ran from the 11th – 19th of November with all 1st, 2nd and 3rd years participating in a science scavenger hunt. Teams worked together to complete 16 scientific tasks. The students learned and developed new skills such as; using pH paper to test samples, drawing and labelling a diagram of a plant cell and measuring liquids using a graduated cylinder.

The 1st years were also brought to an interactive science talk called ‘It Takes Guts’ in the Watershed. The students learned about the parts and functions of the digestive system.

The 1st years were also involved in a bridge making competition. The students were placed  into teams. They had to sketch out a plan and create a model using lollipop sticks and glue.

The 5th years were also involved in science week and taught the 1st years  how to dissect and label a sheep heart. This gave the 5th year students an opportunity to come up with creative way to teach the 1st year with also giving them a better understanding.

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