Maths Week at KCVS 12th-20th October

Maths week 2019 was a huge success in KCVS.

Students used numeracy and maths skills through out the week to enhance their eager maths minds. Transition year students organised many events such as a Kahoot quiz for teachers, free throw basketball competitions, paper plane races, tangrams, figure me out, crack the maths secret sentence and many more.

Our parents tested their maths skills through puzzles on Facebook with correct answers  higher than ever.

Well done to all students for participating and in particular the 4th year student for organising a wonderful event. This is one of many events that enhances our students experiences in maths, we encourage all parents and perspective new students to make an appointment to view the wonderful teaching and learning experiences in our school.

Receiving their prizes one student commented; ” this week has opened my eyes now I’m seeing maths everywhere”.


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