KCVS Welcomes Micheál Martin

Michael Martin TD Lauds KCVS Whole School Evaluation Report as “Stunning”

On his visit to the school on Friday the 8th December the Leader of Fianna Fail accompanied by Bobby Aylward TD congratulated management and staff of the city school on their recent excellent Department of Education Evaluation Report.  He said that while he was Minister for Education he was involved in the drawing up of the Evaluation Template for schools and was aware that such high praise is very rare indeed.

Michael Martin met staff, The Director of Schools Ms. Eileen Curtis and the Chairperson of the Board of Management Cllr. Matt Doran on his arrival at New Street. The Principal Ms. Cathy McSorley showed the visitors around the school and they were delighted to meet all the students and staff. Michael Martin really engaged with the students and spent lots of time socialising and answering their questions. When asked by one student what he would do when he becomes Taoiseach? He was definitive in his response. He said the biggest challenge facing this country was Homelessness and he alluded to the fact that more houses were built in the 1930’s than are being built at present. He said it was horrific that in 2017 people were dying on our streets through lack of accommodation. He said if he were to become Taoiseach he would prioritise this issue and start building more houses and apartments immediately. He also commented on the Department of Health and the number of patients waiting for beds in hospital A& E’s which have now reached national emergency levels. He said this needs to be addressed immediately.

He told the KCVS students that his most challenging job to date was that of Minister for Health as there was so much to be done and there still is he added. He also said that there is now a crisis in respite care provision which cannot even meet emergency situations. “We need to focus on improved services for vulnerable people like carers” he said.

Michael said he was very impressed with the student knowledge regarding politics and current affairs. When asked by a transition year student he said the biggest challenge he sees young people facing today is the misuse of social media and the damage it can do to young people’s confidence and self-esteem. He advised the KCVS students  to “ socialise face to face, communicate over a cup of tea and do not become addicts and slaves to Facebook!” He said that he ignores all the negative stuff about himself on social media. He said that his children get upset sometimes but he tells them not to look or read items posted by trolls about him on social media as they can be so upsetting and damaging.

The Fianna Fail leader really impressed all the students and staff who met him and was even a match for Kilkenny All Star Joey Holden whom he joined in his DCG class when Joey introduced him to solid works and the students taught him how to draw a sketch of a rectangle and use this to create a rectangular prism.

Michael joked that he would enlist their help in designing election posters!” The dates are a secret though” he joked


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