JCSP Policy

The Junior Certificate School Programme is a national programme sponsored by the Department of Education and Skills and the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment.

The Junior Certificate School Programme aims to provide a curriculum framework that assists in making the Junior Certificate more accessible to those young people who may leave school without formal qualifications. It attempts to help young people experience success and develop a positive self-image by providing a curriculum and assessment framework suitable to their needs. On completion of the programme students receive a profile which is an official record of their achievements from the Department of Education and Science.

Students who satisfy all or some of the selection criteria are considered for inclusion. Following a meeting of the core team, a list of potential students will be drawn up.  The parents/Guardians of the students will be contacted and following their consent a JCSP class grouping will be formed for commencement in first year

Some or all of the following will be used in the selection process,

  • Students from a family with a history of early school leaving.
  • Students at risk as identified by the Home School Liaison person  will be considered for inclusion
  • Attendance records of all first years will be monitored , students identified at risk will be considered  for inclusion
  • Literacy /Numeracy levels and Reading age of all first year students will be considered, any student who is not receiving or has reduced access to resource hours and has difficulties with literacy will be considered for inclusion.
  • Students who are recommended for inclusion by Teaching staff or Management will be considered for inclusion.

In addition to participation in the Junior Certificate School’s Programme all students will sit the Junior Certificate Examination

  • The programme will include the core curriculum as set down by the Department of Education and Skills, and all students will sit the Junior Certificate Examination.
  • The programme will contain an increased emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy
  • The programme will include elements which may assist social development
  • In so far as feasible the provided curriculum will reflect the needs and strengths of the students
  • A range of suitable teaching resources will be available
  • The significant contribution of the JCSP statements will be emphasised, namely the completion of subject based, cross curricular and gateway statements as a methodology for increased learning
  • Teaching staff assigned to the class grouping will be informed of the JCSP literacy and numeracy programme and of the subject, cross curricular, and gateway statements.
  • A number of initiatives will be planned to reward students for their participation in JCSP, that reflect the strengths / weaknesses of the group and be subject appropriate.


  • Profiling of the class group will take place during the first and second term of each year.
  • Student progress will be monitored regularly through the academic year by their teachers who will inform the core team of progress to date.