JCSP Make a Book

The annual Junior Certificate Schools Programme Make a Book exhibition took place on Friday 9th March in the Woodlands Hotel in Waterford.

A group of 7 students represented the school at the exhibition. This was a great experience for the students and gave them the opportunity to be teachers for the day.

This year’s project “Wheel of Subjects “ was a cross curricular exercise with 1st and 2nd year students. Students produced a wheel in Woodwork class and worked on the rotating mechanism in Metalwork. Art class was used to decorate and colour the wheel. Each subject produced a selection of questions for each category on the wheel with the help of the teachers.

The purpose of the wheel was to produce a revision tool for all Junior Certificate Subjects. Students spin the wheel and whatever category (subject) the pointer lands on is the selected question category.

This was a fantastic cross curricular project and gave students a chance to demonstrate their varied talents and skills.

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