A group of Transition Year and 5th Year students travelled to Delta Force Paintballing Centre in Bray, Wicklow. The group undertook four different team challenges where they had to communicate and cooperate with each other to survive the attack of the opposing team.

The first challenge was a Capture game where each team had a given amount of time to capture different towers. Each team was awarded points based on the number of towers they managed to secure. This was a tactical game that required team planning and execution. The group had to communicate effectively to achieve the task.

The second game challenged the attacking team to reach a tower and raise a flag. This required a large amount of strategy and the teams had to beat the clock to get the points. Students enjoyed this game immensely and dodged as many paintballs as they could.

The group then moved to the Hawk Down game where they had to get their ‘President’ safely to a helicopter. The attacking team had to protect their ‘President’ and work as a team to fight off the defenders. At this stage in the game the students had developed good tactics and techniques for the game and demonstrated this to complete the task.

Finally the two teams played a speed round against the opposing team where the winning team was the last one standing. This required agility and quick thinking to outsmart the opposition.

Overall the group had a fantastic day and the games were very competitive. The students developed their teamwork and communication skills.

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