3rd Years Trip to Source Theatre

Trip to the Source Theatre

The tragic tale of the two star crossed lovers is a story that has been recounted innumerable times. However, this time the production of Shakespeare’s most notorious plays caught and retained the attention of a packed theatre of young adolescents, an arduous task by anyone’s calculations.

The play was performed by a mere cast consisting of only four exhilarating and animated characters. Quick costume changes and different accents made it easy to identify the characters on stage. Both Capulets and Montagues wore distinguishing red and blue costumes to help the audience identify what camp each character was from.

Another interesting technique deployed by ‘Cyclone Rep’ was the use of very simple props used to construct different settings in separate scenes, such as the famous balcony scene. Though the use of props was limited, those that were used helped the audience to visualise the set and allowed them to envisage the different locations in the play. The actors used the props to jump, lie and hide behind them, which made for some humorous and intriguing scenes.

For me however, the star of the show was performed by Luke Barry. He told a story not only through dialogue but also through the energy and passion associated with his characters. Almost every time he made an appearance the whole audience would laugh hysterically, the audience were mesmerised by his captivating stage presence which was enchanting.

In terms of the overall performance itself, the production’s amazing cast made it extremely memorable. The sterling performances of the marvelous actors made it easy for students to comprehend the often difficult to decipher Shakespearean dialogue. After every act the play came to a halt for an interactive session and summary of the previous scenes. The workshop style presentation is geared to aid students in their understanding and engagement of the challenging text and from this teacher’s point of view it certainly succeeded in doing this.

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