Sixth Year Theatre Trip

6th Year Higher Level English students went on a trip to Smock Alley Theatre in Dublin on the 6th November to see a performance of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”.

This performance was directed by international theatre director Joe Dowling. Students experienced a one and a half production of the play followed by a post- show workshop featuring a Q & A session with the cast about relationships, characters and themes. They also received a student workbook with information on general vision and viewpoint, the role of women in the play, exploration of the idea of death, symbols, an introduction to the main characters and theatrical information.

As well as this the company also provided a pre-show video which introduced them to the play. This featured interviews with the play’s director and the actor playing Hamlet, commentary on the cultural impact of Hamlet, the revenge genre and exploration of the idea of a tragic hero.

This was a wonderful experience which was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance. The students gained a huge amount from the overall experience and no doubt it will stand to them when they sit their Leaving Cert exam in June next year.

This group will also attend the play “The Playboy of the Western World” later this month.

Kilkenny Careers Day

Students got an opportunity to attend our local Careers Day in Hotel Kilkenny. Students of TY, Fifth and Sixth year got the opportunity to interact and gather information on the many options available to them after their post primary education.

In total there was 39 stands at the careers fair, some of the exhibitors present on this day included most of the CAO Colleges, St Mary’s London, University of Sunderland, University of South Wales, Staffordshire University, University of Bradford, Eunicas, Apprenticeships, Teagasc, Qualifax, Gardai, F.I.T., Ossory Youth, Ormonde College, Kilkenny School of Beauty, Careers Portal, and the Defence Forces.

The student’s response to this day was extremely positive and they reported feeling that the day was of a huge benefit in terms of meeting with the various representatives from colleges and relevant organisations.

Students are looking forward to their upcoming College Day Visits.


Future Guidance Events at KCVS

  • Hillary Dempsey from Carlow IT – Talk on the Design Programmes – 11th November (For students of DCG, Engineering, Construction and Art)
  • St Patricks College Carlow – School Visit 11th of November
  • College Awareness Week 18th – 22nd of November
  • Engineering at LIT 19th of November
  • Virginia Bohan – Apprenticeships 21st of November
  • WIT Open Day 22nd of November
  • WIT School Visit 25th of November
  • LIT School Visit 28th of November

Kilkenny Comhairle na nÓG

Ten KCVS students attended the AGM of Kilkenny Comhairle na nÓg in Springhill Hotel on Friday 17 October.

The two topics chose for focus by Kilkenny Comhairle na nÓg for 2020 are Climate Change and Individuality in School.

Once again KCVS students were to the fore and the Student Council is delighted to announce that our idea of a token economy for plastic bottle refunds has been chosen as one the campaigns of Kilkenny Comhairle na nÓg going forward in 2020. This is a topic close to the KCVS student body’s’ heart after Plastic Nemesis project and it is one we will fully row in behind in the coming year and beyond.


Maths Week at KCVS 12th-20th October

Maths week 2019 was a huge success in KCVS.

Students used numeracy and maths skills through out the week to enhance their eager maths minds. Transition year students organised many events such as a Kahoot quiz for teachers, free throw basketball competitions, paper plane races, tangrams, figure me out, crack the maths secret sentence and many more.

Our parents tested their maths skills through puzzles on Facebook with correct answers  higher than ever.

Well done to all students for participating and in particular the 4th year student for organising a wonderful event. This is one of many events that enhances our students experiences in maths, we encourage all parents and perspective new students to make an appointment to view the wonderful teaching and learning experiences in our school.

Receiving their prizes one student commented; ” this week has opened my eyes now I’m seeing maths everywhere”.


Transition Year Trip to Causey’s Farm

Our TY students’ latest trip was a wonderful journey to Causey’s farm. The boys and girls of transition year got stuck in (literally) to a number of activities on the farm. The students started with a trip around to see the animals. Whilst the new born puppies were a popular stop with the students and teachers so too was milking a cow.

Now that the cow was milked it was time to use some fresh milk to make their very own homemade brown bread. The students were given a tutorial on how to make it and then in pairs baked their hearts out.

With the bread in the oven it was time to work up an appetite. The best way to do so we were told was to go bog hopping. After a brief journey on a tractor and trailer the students arrived at a bog and had to race through it before eventually jumping in. There were some great battles against nature but the students eventually won with great perseverance and a helping hand from their Year head.

With a distinctive glow the students then walked through the Halloween scare house. After some close calls and screams that rang through the building the students’ time had come to an end and it was time to go home. Before leaving the students collected their bread hot from the oven.

The students loved laughing and discussing the highlights of the day.