Plastic Monster Competition – Green Schools Committee

The winning student of our Name the Plastic Monster competition receiving his prize from two members of KCVS’ Green Schools committee.
The winning entry was titled ‘Plastic Nemesis’ and it captures perfectly the mood among the student body in KCVS of the irreparable damage being done to our oceans by the disgraceful disposal of waste plastic.
The campaign centred around three displays in the school as students informed their colleagues just exactly what is happening in our waterways worldwide and how marine life is being decimated in our oceans. We collected all plastic bottles brought to school in one week in a net in our canteen and we made the plastic monster from just ONE THIRD of these bottles, the rest were recycled.

This campaign was carried out in the school by our energetic Green Schools committee who also garnered our fifth Green Flag, the theme this time around being biodiversity. The students worked tirelessly and the entire staff of KCVS is rightly proud of their wonderful achievements, none more so than Mr Walsh who has now steered this ship to FIVE Green Flags!!

KCVS Green Schools Committee

Student Council 2019/2020

The latest cohort of KCVS’ Student Council recently attended a hugely beneficial and highly informative planning day for Student Councils in Hotel Kilkenny. The group thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt a vast amount while also outlining to the other Kilkenny ETB schools some of the myriad of policies the Council have implemented over the course of the last few years. The group came away with a plethora of ideas for the coming year and the Council looks forward to implementing some of the strategies discussed at the conference.

KCVS Student Council