A group of Transition Year and 5th Year students travelled to Delta Force Paintballing Centre in Bray, Wicklow. The group undertook four different team challenges where they had to communicate and cooperate with each other to survive the attack of the opposing team.

The first challenge was a Capture game where each team had a given amount of time to capture different towers. Each team was awarded points based on the number of towers they managed to secure. This was a tactical game that required team planning and execution. The group had to communicate effectively to achieve the task.

The second game challenged the attacking team to reach a tower and raise a flag. This required a large amount of strategy and the teams had to beat the clock to get the points. Students enjoyed this game immensely and dodged as many paintballs as they could.

The group then moved to the Hawk Down game where they had to get their ‘President’ safely to a helicopter. The attacking team had to protect their ‘President’ and work as a team to fight off the defenders. At this stage in the game the students had developed good tactics and techniques for the game and demonstrated this to complete the task.

Finally the two teams played a speed round against the opposing team where the winning team was the last one standing. This required agility and quick thinking to outsmart the opposition.

Overall the group had a fantastic day and the games were very competitive. The students developed their teamwork and communication skills.

Leadership Certificate with KRSP



Our Transition Year group were lucky enough to work with the Kilkenny Recreation and Sports Partnership to achieve their Leadership Certificates. The class took part in a 10 week course with their tutor Aine from the Sports Partnership. Throughout this course the students investigated the behaviours and skills that are required to become a leader. This was a dynamic course testing a range of abilities for each student. On completion of the course, the aim for successful leaders is to be able to:

  • Understand their role as a leader and how they will apply it within a group setting
  • Display an ability to plan and lead a fun physical activity session demonstrating leadership skills such as communication, observation and group management
  • Demonstrate an ability to safely lead a group

The students first task was to teach their peers. This was a daunting experience at the start as the students worked up the courage to plan and implement their own sports session. Students prepared well for this task and displayed their confidence and leadership as they stepped up to the challenge.

Following on from this the students had to individually prepare a presentation of a lesson they would lead. This required students to apply their knowledge and skills to plan, organise and lead a safe and enjoyable activity sessions for small groups.

The final practical challenge for the group was to organise a sports day for the junior students in the school and lead them through a range of activities. This allowed the students to display their knowledge and enthusiasm for their chosen activity.  At this stage in the course the students felt successfully equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to plan, organise and lead the physical activity sessions. Each student embraced the task and demonstrated their individual leadership abilities.

Finally the students completed a written booklet where they recorded all their tasks and reflected on their learning. This allowed students to evaluate their strengths and areas for improvement. This self-assessment process allowed students to acknowledge their learning to date and areas that they wanted to develop further.

The intended outcome of the course is that the trainee leader will be competent and confident in taking charge of a group for physical activity sessions. This has certainly been the case and students were delighted to receive their certificates of achievement from the Sports Partnership at an awards ceremony in the Watershed. Two students, Michael Balici and Tracey O’Reilly received a Spirit Award for their demonstration of hard work and commitment to the course. They were efficient in their execution of leading groups and displayed exemplary skills and behaviours of a leader.

Congratulations to all students involved and a massive thank you to all the staff at KRSP.


A group of transition year students from Kilkenny City Vocational School travelled to Delphi County Mayo on the 9th May for their end of year trip. The group set off weighed down with luggage, ready for the three day adventure. Delphi is along The Wild Atlantic Way and provided a variety of activities for the students to participate in. The group had a fantastic experience with three days of fun and adventure. Each activity allowed the students to develop their team work and communication skills as they had to work together to achieve a common goal. The activities varied from land to water and with this brought different challenges for each event.

The students started off their trip with a thrilling kayaking activity. They were faced with team challenges and they really had to ‘row’ together to succeed. Races got very competitive but all students had good fun splashing each other and their teachers. In the evening time the student went on an adventure walk where they had to use clues to solve problems along the way. This mental task was challenging but they put their heads together and worked out the hints. After a busy first day the students went to bed ready for a day full of new adventures to come the following morning.

Day two started with the students getting the opportunity to conquer their fears participating in the high ropes challenge and leap of faith. This individual challenge tested their balance and head for heights. The students were very supportive of each other and encouraged their class mates as they took on the challenge. After lunch the students suited up again and got ready for the water. They completed a challenge of making their own raft and getting it to float on the lake. The group were timed as they cast off to collect different markers and get back to the harbour as quick as they could. This was a very competitive race with students rowing their hardest to get back in the quickest time possible. To top off the day the students had a camp fire in the evening where they toasted food over the flames and sang songs to the tune of their guitar.

The final day was a highlight for many of the students as they put on their harness and took to the zip-line. After crossing the wobbly Burma Bridge the group were ready to speed down the zip-line and experience the buzz of this adrenaline pumping activity. This was an exhilarating adventure through the air with panoramic views of the Delphi valley. Overall this was an exciting, challenging and fun filled experience for the Transition Year group.

College Awareness

College Awareness at KCVS

Recently our second-year students attended an access day at Waterford Institute of Technology. The purpose of the visit was to familiarise the students with the college campus and to learn all about the facilities, supports and courses that are available at to students at WIT.

The day began with a treasure hunt in which the students had to locate and find various landmarks around the college campus. Next up the students got to experience some of the sports facilities available at WIT. They done this by engaging in several team work activities. Great fun was had by all. The highlight of day however for our students was when they got to visit the Nursing Department, here students learned numerous life saving skills such as hynic manoeuvre, CPR and how to use a defibrillator correctly.

Overall it was a successful day as students got to experience college life at its best!