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First Year Subject Choice Information

First Year Subject Choice Information
First Year Subject Choice
Most Important:
  • Please find attached a link to a form for first year subject choice that must be completed together by parents and students by Friday 22nd of October
Support Information to help with Subject Choice
First Years have now experienced all the subjects on offer here at KCVS. It is now time that they make their subject choices. Please find below a booklet outlining the subjects on offer and advice on how best to make subject choices.
Should you require further assistance our Guidance Counsellor will be available on teams this Wednesday the 20th of October at 4.15pm.
Meeting Link first Year Subject Choice

Tap on the link or paste it in a browser to join.

The link for this meeting will also be sent to you via text message along with the subject choice form which must be filled in and returned to the school by Friday the 22nd.
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