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5th Year International Students - Medieval Mile Tour

5th Year International Students - Medieval Mile Tour

5th Year International Students - Medieval Mile Tour

A multi-faceted learning experience saw 15 of our international students become tour guides for a day on Friday 14th of May. The build-up to the day saw each student research one of Kilkenny’s many historical sites and prepare themselves to tell the story of that site to their peers on location. Supported by Principal Cathy McSorley and delivered by teacher, Patricia Norton, this element of the Irish Cultural Studies programme focussed on the city’s Medieval Mile. It gave the students an understanding of the rich heritage of Kilkenny through landmark sites such as Kilkenny Castle, St, Canice’s Cathedral and the Black Abbey.

A more modern site, the hurlers statue at the start of the canal walk was also included in the tour. Mark Aylward, teacher, brought the county's great hurling history to life for the students. As the students went from site to site, each recounted the story she or he had researched and they remarked that they not only felt immersed in the history of this city but that it was a really good way for them to develop their research and communication skills as well as greatly improving their grasp of the english language.

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